"it’s not fat, it’s thick"

i made this video 4 all you #Nutella lovers out there. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in the world hehe

My new life

My Instagram is blowing uppp right now @mandy_rosen_photography


missjennyfromtheblock asked:

I've only seen a few of the pictures of your work. But WOW! I absolutely love it! It's something new and so elegant! Kind of loved to get photographed by you haha :)


Aren’t you a sweethearttttt x thank you for putting a huge smile on my face!!!


Artist on Tumblr

Mandy Rosen | on Tumblr (b.1989, USA)

Mandy Rosen is a young photographer currently living in Southern California. Mandy started doing landscape and photojournalism 5 years ago before getting seriously into conceptual and fine art portraiture and self-portraiture: “Photography is a way for me to escape reality into an ethereal realm; where I can defy gravity, walk on water, play a different character, and make dreams come true. Anything I imagine I can create. Music, film, and personal life experiences serve as inspiration for my work. Desolation, isolation, loneliness, pain, self-discovery, childhood nostalgia, and the pursuit of happiness are some of the common themes found in my photos.”

© All images courtesy the artist

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buron asked:

Really like your work x


Thanks Hun x



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Hey that’s me!!!

"the suspended ballerina" by Mandy Rosen

shot this yesterday at my favorite location in LA